Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia

A monastery, of great archaeological value and one of the most outstanding examples of Catalan Romanesque where you can discover the earliest history of humankind -from the Palaeolithic Era to the Middle Ages.

Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants
C. de Santa Ll˙cia, 8
17004 Girona

Tel.: +34 972 202 632

Art Museum

Discover an exceptional collection of Girona and Catalan art -sculptures, paintings and altarpieces from Romanesque to Noucentisme- in the historic Episcopal Palace of Girona. A journey through our history.

Palau Episcopal
Pujada de la Catedral, 12
17004 Girona

Tel.: +34 972 203 834

History Museum
of Girona

A journey through Girona's history from its Roman origins to the present day. In the 18th century, it housed St Anthony's monastery of Capuchin friars, and conserves surprising features from that time, such as a cistern and a desiccation cemetery.

C. de la Forša, 27
17004 Girona

Tel.: +34 972 222 229

Museum of
Jewish History

The museum, located in the same space as the last synagogue of Girona (1492), tells the story of the Jewish communities of medieval Catalonia. An exciting journey to discover a culture that is part and parcel of the history of the city.

C. de la Forša, 8
17004 Girona

Tel.: +34 972 216 761

Museum of Cinema
TomÓs Mallol

Experience and view the history of moving images, from shadow theatre to the cinema, with the TomÓs Mallol Collection. An interactive, educational and entertaining exhibition, interesting for all ages.

C. SŔquia, 1
17001 Girona

Tel.: +34 972 412 777

Casa Masˇ

The Masˇ House was the birthplace of Rafael Masˇ (1880-1935) and represents one of his most important architectural achievements. It is the only one of the famous houses along the river in Girona's old city that is open to the public.

C. de les Ballesteries, 29
17004 Girona

Tel.: +34 972 413 989

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